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Links to some articles that tickled my random mind

I usually scan several sites for web development related articles. Here are some of these that caught my attention. Might come in handy later. So, this is what I’m tempted to call a "bookmark blog entry". Or, what Jarno Virtanen might call "link oriented" :-)
- Regular Expressions in Javascript. Pretty good. Might serve as a one page cheat sheet for regular expressions, even if you don’t use Javascript.
- Table layout revisited. Another good one on the CSS vs. Tables debate.
- Optimizing ROI with intranets. Excellent.
- "The art of software development", part 1 and part 2. Part 1 talks about the usually accepted waterfall model with some modifications. I think this doesn’t work most of the time for small web projects. Need to write more on that later.
- MySQL connectivity from Python
O'Reilly Net
- Using the Mozilla SOAP API
- Flash MX, lightweight internet applications