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Leo gains fame

A great editor/environment finally gets its due recognition.

I had chanced upon the literate outlining editor Leo in June. I was hooked in less than an hour. At times, lack of documentation was a bit troublesome, but for any project with more than one file, this was such a good environment to work on.

I’m very happy to find out Leo is getting great recognition via Slashdot.

There are some features I’d love to see in Leo:

  1. Support for additional languages via some plugin mechanism. Leo is too good an environment to restrict to only certain languages.
  2. Ability to hook it up to some community server storage like Zope CMF or Python Community Server. Think about it - your manager writes down an outline for a project. S/he gives part of it to analyst to break it still further. Analyst expands the outline and distributes parts to programmers. Individual people have different access to different parts of the outline. Programmers can read any part of the project when they need to. They get to modify only those nodes they own.
  3. Good support for CVS and other version control systems. Leo seems to be reformatting the underlying XML code whenever it saves the document. This means that CVS will detect changes even if there aren’t any.