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Women are better managers?

Another one of those articles derived from "studies".

MSN: Why women make better managers - “Studies show both male and female styles succeed. But compared side by side, "female" has the edge.”

It is an article worth a read, not because of substance, but because of sweeping generalizations made on the basis of "studies".

While I agree with most of the things there, it looks to me like the author wants to assume that the role of a manager is that of building teams. I disagree. I think the role of a manager is to manage to deliver results. At times, it doesn’t matter if you have a great team that bonds very well. Even if the team is all smiles and pally-pally, it doesn’t mean a thing if they don’t get the work done. It certainly helps to have a friendly environment, but it doesn’t stop with that.

Women are better off than men making compromises - why is it not so, when it comes to dealing with husbands? :-) . In a professional environment, compromises are not what you want always. You need to imprint on your team’s mindset that a happy family where every one is ready to compromise is not the end point, but only a framework to make the true end point of making deliverables happen.

Thought - If compromises are what you want, will you still believe that when it is time to buy your car? Would you buy a car that is reliable, but made by very annoying and constantly competing team of engineers? Or will you rather buy one made by the greatest and most bonding team of engineers, who made compromises to keep everyone in the team happy?