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Make sure the customer comes first

Or, why the waterfall model doesn't work!

Or, why the waterfall model doesn’t work! Excellent article.

I agree with the opinions expressed in that. Especially for the web, users don’t know what they want to 100% detail. Quick prototyping is the best way most of the time. Tthat ’s one reason to chose Zope. Quick to prototype, easy to extend the prototype to production ready version.


"The time-honored way to develop software," Norman says, "is to set up specifications, create use cases, write the code, and then test it."

And, he adds, it seldom works. "This is the typical result," Norman explains. "The user gets the finished product and says, 'This isn’t what I want.' Then the IT department says, 'But it is what you said you wanted.' Finally the user says, 'But this isn’t what I need.' "