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Installing Collector

Installation notes on CMFCollector.

I was looking around for a good issue tracker system and found CMF Collector. It has all the features I need (for now) and there is a Plone skin too. Installation ran into some issues about state_email not being found. Anyway, I got it installed finally. My installation notes follows.

1. Get CMF from I suggest you do a CVS checkout.

2. Copy CMF* folders to $INSTANCE_HOME/Products

3. Copy collector_issue_workflow.zexp from CMFCollector to $INSTANCE_HOME/import

4. Add a CMF site. See for details on doing this. Or a Plone site.

5. Go to your CMF site in management interface. Go to portal_workflow

6. Go to "Contents" tab, click Import/Export and import the file collector_issue_workflow.zexp

7. Click on "Workflows" tab and change the workflow for Collector Issue to collector_issue_workflow.

8. Go to the site and add a Collector object. Configure it.