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Bangalore Coonoor on Royal Enfield

Quick view of my bike ride from Bangalore to Coonoor on 2014-04-03.

Route is indicated by green icons on the map. Return was on next day, indicated by red icons. Each marker was done when I had stopped for at least a 5 minute break. Click/hover on the marker to get info and odometer reading.

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Outside Ramanagaram.
Outside Ramanagaram at 6:30am. From here till Mysore, 2 hours non-stop ride!

At Kallatti Ghats
At Kallatti Ghats, hairpin bend 22 of 36
At Kallatti Ghats
Yeah, 22 of 36 switchbacks!


Bandipur National Park
First some 3 elephants came out
Bandipur Park
Now it is getting crowded and scary!
Classic looks are great, but that seat is OK only for about 40 minutes. Unsuccessful attempt to make it easier!