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» Black & White #3

Seconding first rule of programming

In Jarno Virtanen, I trust.

The first rule of programming: do not program if you have a flu.”

Because of that, I’ve not yet been able to start the tutorial on MS Project 2000.

To top it all, I had to do a fresh install of Windows 98 on an old PC yesterday, using the CD-ROM that came with the PC. I had Mandrake Linux 9.2 up and running with firewall, DSL connection and X --not the Aureal Soundcard-- in about 25 minutes. I fought with Windows 98 for 5 hours to get everything working. Phew! I can’t understand how the manufacturers installed it and got it working before they shipped it to me 4 years ago. No, I am not mad - some one else bought that PC and wanted Windows on it.

One of those articles that preach “we consult, you do the work” about Content Management. Notable quotes:

“Many packages are also coded in obscure languages such as Mod Perl, Python and Tcl. ... it’s not .NET or Java”
Go learn some useful stuff that is practical, efficient and cost-effective. There is also a small matter of quality of developers over quantity. I think 10 ill-trained VB.NET programmers can cause more harm than 1 self-trained Python programmer.
“There’s no way I can ring-fence a bunch of Python developers.”
“licence fee cost is only one really small element”
Yes, it is the consulting rates that go to $100/hr that gets you the cake.
“Open source software can be expensive, monolithic, difficult to maintain and pretty much guarantees lock-in to one vendor. In other words, it is not a panacea.”
I don’t understand how it guarantees lock-in to one vendor. Atleast the code is going to be there if the vendor goes belly up. I don’t think OSS is a silver bullet. COTS that is backed by colorful brochures isn’t too.

via Paul Everitt.

  1. Windows 98 sucks. I can get xp or 2000 running in 25 minutes...

    The design of this site is awesome! Thanks for giving me some ideas!

    Posted by: Jive Miguel on December 20, 2003 11:24 PM