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Quite a few gems

I really liked some articles from

From a recent Slashdot article, I visited Tons of interesting and thought-provoking articles. What I really enjoyed are bookmarked below.

  1. Divide and Conquer - Why IT Administrators Have Become All-Powerful Demi-Gods. So far in my career, I have not met unfriendly sysadmins. One has to understand that any sysadmin worth his salt will not trust a new developer. Sysadmins are accountable for keeping systems operational. Most software projects are poorly documented, tested and even designed to provide a comfortable feeling for the people who have to install these things.
  2. Bad manager personalities
  3. How to make a software project work
  4. Development by demo
  5. Processes and the Bad Manager. I favour processes. But processes usually add on to the misery when coupled with unimaginative management.
  6. Project management proverbs
  7. The tale of three project managers

Anyway, the first article’s author considers too much administration to be the cause of outsourcing. In a way that is true. However, I am inclined to think that people administration being equated to project management is the main cause of project failures and budget over-runs.