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Scalability myth

PHP Scales!

Jack Herrington: “PHP scales. There, I said it. The word on the street is that "Java scales and PHP doesn’t." The word on the street is wrong, and PHP needs someone to stand up and tell the truth: that it does scale.”

Excellent article. Jack closes with:

Still not convinced? Consider JSR 223, the effort to turn PHP into the front end for J2EE by porting it to Java. If PHP on top of Java is scalable, then why isn’t PHP on top of C?

Developing on J2EE has several other benefits that PHP may not be able to match. Many different and powerful IDEs, JAR files for deployment, EJBs to provide services to both web and rich client applications, distributed computing features to name a few.

Very often, time to market is an equally important consideration. Personally, I believe that PHP’s development curve might beat JSP/Servlets or Struts for most web sites.

Anyway, if Yahoo!, Google, Amazon and Slashdot can effectively use scripting languages in production with such high loads, what is the point in simply stating scripting languages won’t scale as good as compiled languages? ;-)

  1. Perl rulez. More like I am so lazy that I have not gotten my hands dirty with PHP :)

    Posted by: Srijith on October 15, 2003 10:28 PM