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Arlington Eateries

Sunday noon. Food time. Picks and musings.

Discovered Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide via David Kearns. Why didn’t I discover this 4 years ago? Tyler beats Phyllis Richman or Tom Sietsema.

My picks are below - in no particular order.

Eat 'n Run Deli
It is a small place with about 15 seats. So, call 703-243-3433 and order 15 minutes before you get there. Excellent and inexpensive food. My picks are Chicken Philly Sub with everything and hot pepper; and Western Omelette for breakfast. Their French Fries are terrific, but usually a little low on salt.
4215 N. Fairdax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203 (right across Ballston Metro.)
Crystal Thai
Forget Tara Thai and their ads. If it is only food that matters, Crystal Thai is the best Thai place around here. The menu is small, but the taste is superb. All curries are terrific; the Tom Kha Kai soup is perfect. Drunken Noodles and Spicy Fried Rice w/Chicken are my favourites.
Minerva Indian Cusine
Great menu, great prices, pretty good service. Minerva is known for its weekend buffet, but I usually go there for weekday dinners. Other than Indian entrees, try the Indian Chinese menu - it is superb; if a bit spicy.
Macaroni Bar & Grill
Their Grilled Salmon is beyond comparison. It is conveniently located in the Ballston Mall. Great service, good ambience.
Nouveau East Sushi & Grill Bar
Again, in the Ballston Mall. Sushi is good, but their Special Fried Rice is the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted in this area.
Chilis' Falls Church
This one is hard to find from Route 7. It is about a mile down from Seven Corners. The service is good and the ambience is good. Not to miss: Molten Chocolate Cake!
Fortune Chinese Seafood
Check the profile for address. Not very appealing these days, but still good food and great service. Carry-out might be a better option.

Restaurants I avoid:

  1. The Food Factory, Ballston: Used to serve tasty food. Even now the food is tasty, but I stopped going there since both my wife and I fell sick 4 times after eating there last year.
  2. Chevy’s Fresh-Mex, Ballston: Horrible food, worse service. Enough said.

Ummm... Nothing to beat the aroma of fresh tilapia getting fried, Kerala style; thank you, my little chef.

  1. Great Lunch Buffets, great prices, good service. Viceroy is known for its weekend buffet, but I usually go there for weekday dinners. Other than Indian entrees, try the Biryani, Indo Chinese menu

    Posted by: Viceroy Indian Cuisine on October 16, 2003 12:35 PM