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Right or wrong, we're journalists

One superb piece of humour by Dave Barry.

The best humour columnist in US, Dave Barry is also having some thoughts on journalism.

Dave being Dave, he is not being too kind to his colleagues. This kind of writing brings me back some lost faith.

If I start quoting from his article, it will pretty much include the whole article. Still, here is what I liked most.

Polls show that, in terms of public trust, the news media now rank lower than used-car salespeople, kidnappers, tapeworms, Hitler and airline flight announcements. (We are still slightly ahead of lawyers.)

Lately, when I tell people I work for a newspaper, I've detected the subtle signs of disapproval — the dirty looks; the snide remarks; the severed animal heads in my bed.

Q. How come when I read a newspaper story on a topic I'm familiar with, it always contains errors? Read his long answer.

FYI - Dave has a blog too.