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Simply superb all-round Tennis from the young swiss

Just finished watching 2003 Wimbledon Gentlemen's final. As I hoped, Federer won. I watched his semi-final match against Andy Roddick, purely by chance, since I was lazy and there was nothing else on TV.

Roddick didn't play badly in that match. But Federer totally out-classed him in such a way that I almost thought he was toying with Roddick, at will.

Already people are comparing Federer to Pete Sampras. I found Federer's game much more exciting than Sampras'. Sampras' game, to my eyes, was as precise as a machine's. Federer is more art than precision.

What is it with Swiss and the angles? Some of Federer's passing shots were from such unbelievable angles that Martina Hingis used to produce. Federer has a much more effective serve though.

Anyway, kudos to Federer. The final match was not as flawless as the one he played against Roddick. Still, it was a pleasure to watch.

Hopefully, more all-round players like Federer will come up, instead of baseline sluggers and big-server-but-nothing-else variety.

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