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PBS on Weblogging

Tonight's PBS news had a 10 minute piece on "blogging" phenomenon.

Tonight’s PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer had blogging as a featured story.

“Web logs, or "blogs," are personal, online journals - and one of the fastest growing trends on the Internet. Terence Smith explores the motivation behind blogging and whether blogs represent the future of journalism.”

It was pretty good. There was some usual bitching about webloggers not being journalists or writers - because weblogs don’t get edited by professional editors - by an MSNBC editor (Joan Connell? I don’t remember the name...). However, she had some pretty insightful comments about how blogs satisfy a need to reach out.

A blogger who was interviewed said he wanted to improve his writing. I started blogging as a means to keep accumulating interesting news I find over the web. I chose MovableType because I wanted a decent server based blogging tool.

I think what is missing is some kind of software for blogging at work. A simple tool that enables people to blog, tie in their blogs to their calendar and projects. Ability to get reports out of that would be great too.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, blogging is just another way to maintain a web site. The coolest thing about blogging is that it avoids a "whats new" page :-) RSS syndication is also a great feature. I’m not going to be religious about something that is just maintaining a diary, 21st century style.