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SWT for GUIs

Some URLs about SWT after graduating to absolute newbie.

Five years ago, Java caught my attention because I was looking for a cross-platform GUI developement environment. Within a few tries, I hated the way AWT and Swing UI’s looked. I was also not that much in favour of users being subjected to an entirely different looking UI, within their familiar Windows or Mac desktops.

Several months ago, I tried out Eclipse. I loved the UI. I had made a note about exploring SWT a little more. This weekend, I wrote my "Hello SWT"! It looks neat.

  1. Eclipse Wiki - the starting place. Really nice.
  2. CVS repository - lot of code samples.
  3. Using JFace and SWT in standalone mode - IBM dW article.
  4. Part 1 and Part 2 of a JDJ article on SWT.

I hope I’ll get sufficient enthusiasm to write a small application in Java using this. Everytime I type in those braces and semi-colons, I find myself going back to code the damn thing in Python :-( Python is obviously not helping my resolve to explore Java further.

  1. When reading this post i must agree awt/swing are not that great on the other hand swt looks nice. You are telling that you still revert to python. what GUI toolkit are you using for this?

    Posted by: Kees Jongenburger on November 3, 2003 04:11 AM