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Notes about a non-standard module - life.relationship()

As my wife wrote, we have been looking at Python as a programming language, together. I think it took some time for her to digest lack of semi-colons and the notion of meaningful indentation (just like how I felt when I saw Python first), but she now strongly believes that this is the language one should use to teach programming. Amen.

These combined studies have had unexpected benefits.

  1. An hour of Python a week, keeps disagreements away. I’m not making this up. We get to spend some real quality time! Both of us love the little joys of python like inline documentation, mostly one way to do one thing, pseudo code works, very little syntax rules to remember and the great documentation.
  2. We actually *share* a PC, quite peacefully! Though we have separate PC’s now, Python pair programming and learning on a laptop is just great.

We have used PHP and SQL together. These were pretty bad on our motivation. Zope was good enough, as long as DTML used to fit inside the textarea editor, without scrolling down.

I need to pester her about posting her experience with Python regularly.

Excuses: Since we came back from vacation we haven’t got much time to resume our Python exploration. We would love to continue on that, but I need to spend some additional time to research some topics in Java. War in Iraq is not motivating either. Eternally hopeful...

  1. Does she really like python, or has she figured out the only way to spend time with you is to share the same interests :-)? Maybe PHP should be an acronym for something else, no?

    Posted by: zope boy on April 12, 2003 12:27 AM
  2. Heh heh, zope boy! You wish.

    Posted by: Babu on April 13, 2003 07:17 PM