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Stand-alone use of SWT

Very nice tutorial on using SWT on Java applications.

IBM dW: “Using the Eclipse GUI outside the Eclipse Workbench, Part 1: Using JFace and SWT in stand-alone mode.”

Although the Eclipse GUI components (JFace and SWT) are often used inside the Eclipse Workbench, they were designed as self-contained frameworks in their own right. Even outside the Eclipse Workbench, JFace’s pluggable design still allows you to develop sophisticated GUIs with surprisingly little code. In this series of three articles, A. O. Van Emmenis shows how to build just such a stand-alone application. Part 1 starts with a "Hello, World" example and builds, step by step, into a (very) simple file explorer. He introduces some of the major JFace classes (and a few SWT widgets), along with some tips, tricks, and design issues.

Very indepth article. Personally, I don’t like the look of Swing. I chose to use Eclipse mainly because it looks decent, and like rest of my applications. Not to mention the fact that it is pretty featureful.

I’m eagerly waiting for next installment of this topic.

  1. I agree with you, SWT and JFace are doing a great thing for Java on the client side.

    But this doesn't mean that Swing is dead or so, I still have hope in Swing...

    and btw, take a look on IntelliJ IDEA

    An amazing IDE (best IDE I've ever worked with), written in Swing...

    This can show that with a bit of hard working, we can get something amazing from Swing.

    Thanks for the very nice site :)


    Posted by: Ramy on March 3, 2003 11:28 AM