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Reality gone nuts

Humans competing against animals is the latest reality TV show.

Yesterday, after dinner, I scanned the TV channels. There was this incredibly insane reality show on - where else - Fox. Man vs. Beast. Five games where humans compete against animals.

bear vs man

  1. A bear beat a Japanese hot-dog eating chamption in eating 50 hot-dogs. Bear finished much faster and was eyeing at the commentators. Too bad, it didn’t eat them.
  2. A female orangutan beat a 360lb Japanese Sumo wrestler in tug-of-war. Both wore similar diapers.
  3. A sprinter beat a giraffe in a 100m dash. However a zebra beat him without breaking a sweat.The great Carl Lewis was there as an expert and he got it right when he said “only the sprinter knows what the hell is going on”.
  4. A former US navy seal beat a chimpanzee on an obstacle course. He said the chimpanzee is just a wanna-be human. It looked more like humans are wanna-be chimpanzees.
  5. An elephant beat 44 little people in pulling a DC-10 jet for 25 yards. Isn’t there a law against cruelty towards animals.

What next? An F-16 pilot competing a crow in ducking stones? IT project managers competing against ants to get out of a maze?

Anyway, see this show and you’ll be left with no doubt as to whether animals indeed have more grace and dignity than humans.

  1. I agree with you, it was horrible to watch these poor confused, scared animals. Pleae tell email Fox about your feelings, I just did.


    Posted by: Maria on January 23, 2003 09:48 PM