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First thoughts on ASP.NET

I think .Net has some strong points. Some scary points too.

Read a little bit more about .Net and ASP.NET. Downloaded the free IDE Web Matrix on my XP Home machine and played with it. Very good. No need to have IIS installed. I’ve mixed feelings about ASP.NET now.

The Good

The Bad

What will make .Net great?

Does .Net support subscription services for components? If it does, in addition to current framework, I think that will make .Net the dominant technology in 3 years - assuming North Korea and Iraq adventures don’t completely tank the economy.

If third party developers can easily develop controls (web or rich) and services that can be hosted on the web, and using a standard interface, can get paid for usage on a subscription basis, that might be the biggest boost the whole developer community needs. For example, let us say I’ve a component for rich editing of HTML files. I register it with Microsoft, may be pay them some money to get it ranked high, publish the interfaces and for a monthly fee per user, make it available to be included in other applications developed by others. May be someone else will read my interface definition and make a better component implementing the same interface. Perhaps this can allow my customer to switch to the new service provider.

These kind of real-time, needs-based subscription is a real boon for individual third party developers which is lot better for a stable IT economy. Software publishing should be as easy and competitive as writing a blog.

However, I will be really happy, if all this happens and there is a choice on CLI’s. Not only Microsoft’s, but Mono, etc.