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Why Zope?

Two on-going discussions on the Zope mailing list.

The perennial question again came up in Zope mailing list. Considerations for using Zope. It is an interesting thread to read.

Another thread is about opinions from ex-PHP developers. I wanted to write about it, but Wankyu Choi explained it very nicely and then a bit more.

In 2000, I was all set to use PHP to build a reasonably complicated web application. I dropped PHP and used Zope, which I had no prior experience with. I didn’t know Python either.

Am I nuts? I doubt. I got the product delivered in 2 months with only 3 people (2 people knew only Oracle, one knew only HTML) working part time with more features and 1/10th of the cost whereas an 18-member hot shot .com development firm had already put in 12 months to come up with nothing but 100 pages of "design" documents that explained their architecture which required 18 servers to run and possibly a whole group to administer.

I’m happy to report that I have not touched the system for almost 2 years now and it has been running smoothly, with hundreds of people using it, runs on just one old server, and is probably the only application at the client site that doesn’t have a dedicated support group.

Lesson: It is about simplicity - not complexity, efficiently reusing frameworks - not building your own framework all the time and decent refactoring.

Put all these together, you satisfy time to market, flexible to change and inexpensive to make and maintain. That is all what counts if the person who spends money is cautious where/why s/he is spending it. Once that is the case, technology buzzwords don’t matter.

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