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Coyote Linux

Simple and easy to use free Linux router on floppy. Make use of older computers!

DC got hit by the first snow storm of this winter. Office closed early after lunch and after a terrible commute, I was hoping to get something done from home. Unfortunately, My old Cyrix box decided it can’t connect to my ISP anymore. It has 166MHz processor, 8MB RAM, floppy drive, 2 network cards, keyboard and a VGA card. I use Coyote Linux - a free, floppy based distribution that works very well as a router and firewall.

Installation and configuration instructions are very helpful. I used their Windows floppy creator and it didn’t work for my system very well. Then I used their Linux based floppy creator script - it installs a later version of firewall - and it worked very nicely. Install the system, put the floppy in, see if it works, make any edits if required, make the floppy write-protected and it works really well.

Provides DSL dialup using PPPoE, DHCP server, IP Chains based firewalling and SSH server to update configuration. *Sweet*. You can also use Coyote for Cable Modem, Static IP lans or normal modem dialup.

Note: Tightening security rules is a good section even if you don’t use Coyote Linux. Check out the guides index too.

I’ve been using Coyote Linux for almost 9 months now. No problems except this morning. Problem was with one of the network cards. Anyway, that gave me a chance to update the software and to actually read and understand Linux firewalling. It has been the internet gateway, firewall, router and DHCP server for a heterogeneous network at home with Win98, Redhat Linux 8, Windows XP and Mandrake Linux clients.

  1. hello sir
    we have bsnl connection of providing dias connection of pppoe service we got win98 .here we install software provided by them.our hardware configuration is 2 lan cards of one is realtek 8139, other via rhineinstalled in our computer we dial zero and give username and password it connects succesfully . but i want to setup coyote linux in this matter i downloaded software from internet and prepared but it doesnt dial or connects to internet but it ping in to our lan but doesnt ping to internet please explain how to setup

    Posted by: arvind on September 16, 2004 03:21 PM