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Rethinking Java GUI

Jon Udell has some thoughts on Java on client-side.

Jon Udell looks into whether Java is ready for client side application development. He seem to agree that there is future in this, but still prefers using Java for server side development.

“Despite all these fascinating arguments, I’m not quite ready to reverse my skepticism about client-side Java. But just because it was the wrong thing in 1997 doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing forever.”

I’m trying to learn Java. Since last 2 weeks, my schedule has become very cramped. The fact that I used Python before is not helping it either. I keep thinking why am I bothering with all those public, static, {, }, ;. Silly, I laughed off Python in 1998 for the very same reasons - no braces, no semi-colon, whitespace sensitive.

I’ve been struggling to overcome my aversion to IDEs as well. I’m pretty much sold on Eclipse. Good non-intrusive UI, fits my brain. I hope to figure out enough Java to write plugins for Eclipse.