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Doonesbury on blogging

Overt ego takes a stab at blogging.

Today’s strip pokes at blogging.

“Wait, don’t you have to have something to say?”
“A common misconception.”

Couldn’t expect any better from a cartoon that eats daily dose of “I’m OK, you are not”. I would imagine the same thing about cartoons too - don’t you have to have something to say?

I like Doonesbury some times. Most of the time, the humour is awfully eclipsed by ego.

Why blog? Yes, it is for expressing what the author thinks about. The opinions. Thoughts. Lack of thoughts. The point is, it is very personal. The fact that some others like to read it is essentially proving that others might have similar interests. Few people expect blogs to replace newspapers and TV as their source of "authentic" news. However, individual blogs add perspective to the world around us. I don’t think official media can be called as having independent perspective any more.

And guess what, “perspective is reality” when you want to analyze how the society works. In my opinion, blogs have truly made the geopolitical borders disappear; which was the aim of internet years ago. It is two-way communication on perspectives, rather than horribly one-way communication championed by newspapers and TV.

Even if a blog is like a journal, the fact that a person is open enough to let the whole world see it, AND lets others comment on his/her thoughts speak volumes about the transparency and trust (it could very well be ego too!) the author relates to the society.

If a reader doesn’t agree, s/he can simply say so in the comments, or just discontinue reading the blog. Similar mechanisms are available in newspaper and TV, but none as immediate as in a blog.

  1. Mark Pilgrim spotted it too -

    Posted by: Babu on October 21, 2002 11:54 AM