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Dell server for $239

I think this is a great deal.

I’m looking for a new machine - have not yet decided completely on whether I should go for a laptop or a server. I want to have a laptop since I can use it without being restricted to one desk - I like moving around and working.

Today I came across a deal for a Dell server for $239. Free shipping, no Factory installed OS, no keyboard, no monitor, 1Yr support etc.

I think it is IDEAL for a home server or for small business server, if you want to run Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Zope, Samba and firewall.

I’m not trying to post an ad for Dell, but I think it is a good deal for the money. Especially if you want to get branded machines, there is none better.

  1. I read your comments regarding DELL server PowerEdge500SC @USD239.
    Will you buy it for me and send it to me by post.
    I will pay you for all the expenses.

    Posted by: Joe Mizzi on November 20, 2002 04:00 AM