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Incompetent vendors - How to loose a PDA in 3 weeks

Featuring Handspring, AirBorne Express, Ravenwood Towers and Mailboxes Etc.

Last month, my Treo-90 stopped powering on. I wrote to Handspring to send me a repair return box. They send it. I waited for two weeks and then called them. Apparently, they send it within a day - why couldn't they send me an e-mail with the tracking#, or update their site?

It was shipped through AirBorne Express. These guys didn't even bother to check if I was home (my wife was). They simply gave it to a lady in the rental office (Ravenwood Towers) and didn't put a note on my mailbox. They could've left a voice mail.

The rental office lady didn't make any note in the received-ledger. So, when I went and asked them, they said they don't have it. I went back again in the evening. The temporary desk clerk then is usually very helpful. She went to their store room and got me the box.

I packed by broken PDA and took it to MailBoxes Etc. They accepted it, said it is a return box so there is no separate tracking number. It is apparently like a pre-paid box, so no receipt either. Sigh! Dumbo me, I believed them. I waited for few days and found that Handspring did not receive the box. To make matters worse, I didn't even have a tracking number.

I went to this MBE store 3 times already. The first time, the staff there told that they are not supposed to accept AirBorne packages. When I asked about whether all their employees know that, they asked me to talk to the manager. The second time I went, another guy there told that they do accept AirBorne. Finally, I got to get the manager who repeated they don't accept AirBorne. Anyway, he took down my contact information.

To make long story short, he hasn't contacted me at all.


Sorry ending since I lost my PDA and someone else got a broken one :-(

  1. I've had similar "consumer" experiences recently where the concept of accountability is sadly lost on the inept employees of various high profile companies in the UK. I would elaborate but the posting restrictions prevent me from doing so:

    No obscene language.
    No name calling or flaming.

    Posted by: David Boddie on August 12, 2003 12:23 PM