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Webtrends Sucks!

Really bad experience with these guys.

I periodically check my site logs using*. This morning, I went to the site to see my logs and absolutely no reports were there. Apparently all of my data except my personal information has been wiped out too. I was asked to setup new site profiles - I was using their personal edition - and the only choices available were enterprise edition and small business. If they want to make money, inform the non-paying customers before yanking things out. * - I’m so annoyed with them that I didn’t want to link :-)

I’m also a corporate customer for them and for a week, have been trying to see why there is a almost a 120% mismatch in their "live" reports and enterprise version of software that analyze web server logs. That annoyance, coupled with this kind of customer service, doesn’t help my trust with them.

I am going to explore other solutions for my site - and may be at work too - to see if there are better and reliable alternatives. My hosting provider does not provide web server logs - not their fault, I’ve not upgraded my account. Need to think.

So, folks who use personal edition of WebTrends, check out if your account still has some data.

  1. just had to respond to this comment.
    Webtrends DOES suck !!
    I actually found the free version seemed to work okay, that I decided to upgrade to the paid version. That's where my nightmare began. I couldn't even log into my account!! -to see the reports.
    Several emails to technical support responded with the "clear your cache, refresh page", bla, bla, bla!!
    I finally gave up and cancelled my account. And guess what ? The following month, my credit card was charged. I e-mailed accounts payable and received a bull s**t response 1 week later. I responded the same day for clarification and 3 weeks later another lame answer. I then called several times to speak with the A/P manager who conveniently never answered and i was forced to leave a message. Ofcourse, my call was never returned !!
    The call centre people don't know anything either and just forward the calls.
    Still haven't sorted it out!
    We have a client base of 150, which all would've gone to them. Damn shame !

    Posted by: cyanide on February 25, 2003 03:20 PM
  2. We just bought webtrends version 7.0 and it was a nightmare to install and have it work according to specs. The consultants are just there to suck money out of you. Reports are very slow to download, I cannot print some screens (my PC just freeze), the custom reports that were set up by consultants at lofty prices give different numbers than the stock reports... Search engine traffic cannot be compared or even additioned... The work load on our internal ressources + consulting fees are outrageous. When you know that over 30% of users are flushing their cookies every week, you start asking the right question: Who needs Webtrends???

    Posted by: Victor Harter on October 7, 2004 02:23 AM
  3. WebTrends is ridiculously slow. I wonder if they keep stats on their *own* performance...

    Posted by: Mortimer on October 29, 2004 10:42 AM