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World's first baby-friendly state

God's Own Country is indeed so! After bagging the first prizes in total literacy and health care in the country, Kerala added another feather to its list of honours as the number one state with the best socio-economic indicators for quality life. On Thursday, the state was declared the world’s first "baby-friendly state."

Yes, we don’t have great roads, gleeming skyscrapers, cars for everyone etc. But still, I’ll pick Kerala as the best place to live in. All we need there is to get Keralites hard-working, while they are in Kerala :-)

  1. Good one

    Posted by: binduraj on March 17, 2003 12:56 PM
  2. hi,
    i was actually looking for more info on the world's first babay friendly state. i am doing my masters program in social work at a university in mumbai, and as a class we would like to visit kerala to study the apparent dichotomies in many aspects of it's society, u may not agree and i'm not saying it's true this is just what we have read and are now looking to seek a little deeper into it. eg the 100% literacy rates but the rather low position, status of women, the wide disparity of ecomonic class in the population,as far as the "baby friendly" is concerned we would like to look at what are the services bein provided to have helped kerala acheive that title. if u can help us it would be very nice , i hope not to take too much of yout time. thanx.

    Posted by: nazia on July 7, 2004 05:58 PM