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Making spam go splat

Good article about spam. Hotmail blues.

The Washington Post: Sick of unsolicited E-Mail, businesses are fighting back".

Good article about the issue of spam. I hope law makers are paying attention. I didn’t check my email at Hotmail since Friday evening, since I went to Niagara for weekend. 48 hours later, I check my mail account, and I have 90 new emails, 39 of which have automatically been sent to "Junk Mail" folder (less than 50%!) and only 1 mail was not spam. I’m very annoyed with Hotmail right now. Their interface sucks, their spam-filtering is incompetent and the pages take a long time to load. Hotmail: More useless every day. As soon as I find a way to save the existing mails to my PC, I’ll close this account.