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Absolute PJs

Got these by email. Aaaarghhhh........
Got these by email. Aaaarghhhh.....
Q: What did the fish say when he hit the wall?
A: Dam!
Q: What do you call a fish without an eye?
A: Fsh.
Q: What is Black and white and read (red) all over?
A: A Newspaper
Q: What do you call a fish that only cares about himself?
A: Selfish.
Q: What is the differnce between the capital of Russia and a calf’s mother?
A: One is Moscow, the other is a cow’s Ma.
Q: What’s got a head and a tail but no body.
A : A coin.
Q: Why is number six afraid ?
A: Because seven eight nine (seven ate nine)
Q: Which is faster, heat or cold?
A: Heat, because you can catch a cold.
Q: What did the old telephone say to the new telephone?
A: You are too young to get engaged.