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Jon Udell reviews Radio 8.0

He says that "Radio UserLand 8.0 is a lab for group-forming". I'm not so sure. I tried Manila for web...

He says that "Radio UserLand 8.0 is a lab for group-forming". I’m not so sure. I tried Manila for web logging and it was not really useful to me. After reading the feature list of Radio 8.0, I think it is easy for beginners, but somewhat restrictive for advanced users, but certainly capable. But, does it make the work-life of non-IT worker easier? I think it still has to go some distance in that aspect - it still doesn’t tell you why you need to think of it as a useful tool, just like email. Done right, I think it has a real chance of being a corporate information collector, as a non-intrusive and every day tool. Something that can support near zero-effort knowledge management. Majority of the problems in knowledge management relates to changing an organization’s culture. For changing the culture, you need to provide users with a smooth learning curve, which mostly means customizing the software a lot. May be I should learn more about Radio, but I still think using Zope to write something new might work better!

Anyway, Dave Winer has hit several nails on the head with Radio 8.0. Kudos. If not for Radio, then for XML-RPC.