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My current collection of Zope products that I need to look into

Browsed through for some time and here is my look-more-deeply list! I went through 1 - 285 of available 525 products. Already I’ve a huge list of interesting products.

- mxmRelation seem to be just the product I’m looking for to implement relationships in ZODB. Being an RDBMS person, I still think by default in that and try to translate it to ZODB :-)
- CMF tools for XUF - what is this? I need to experiment tomorrow.
- Kube is an implementation of Complex Document in ZPT. I definitely need to look into this more.
- Tres Seaver’s CMF tutorial slides.
- DC Workflow documentation. Terrific document - I wish all Zope documentation is like this. Simple and logical explanation of a complex product and its usage.
- Paul has a clean skin for CMF. Should be a good example to figure out skinning CMF sites
- zNote, bibliography management.
- Backend persistence layer. Doesn’t have documentation, but is it something that can save my objects in an Oracle DB without going through ZPatterns? DBObjects by Stephan Richter is another effort like this and Stephan has quite a few cool products to his credit.
- Portal content folder is a mix of both PortalContent and SkinnedFolder, so that you can have a folder-like object that gets catalogged and is subject to the workflow.
- ZGDChart can make graphs from SQLs and other lists.
- Document library for making a virtual library. However, the converters are there only for Linux - anyone know any fast MS Office converters out there? Aha, had a brainwave. Why can’t we use a Linux machine with Samba and a Postscript2Text utility to get the text out of it? Oh oh, there is already a product for this called CARS. NUXDocument is another Unix/Linux only document converter. Searchable ExtDocument might be the best one to start off, though it can index only PDF documents for now.
- HTML 2 Safe HTML should be good thing for those Microsoft HTML documents.
- MMM Shop is for an e-commerce CMF site
- Event folder can be used as a drop in calendar. Any CMF versions there? Kedai has his implementation of a calendar.
- BesserWisser is a product for a full Q&A website with multilingual features. Experts register their expertise in categories. Visitors then browse the categories and post questions to the relevant experts.
- NuxUserGroups adds the notion of user work groups. Critical functionality for collaboration projects.
- Exam should help us automating interviews!
- CMF Forms Tool helps in easily making forms under CMF.
- Online courses can be used by training departments. Some tweaks should make it act as a web meeting manager too - not yet web conferencing though
- CMF Photo Album