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RLT: Palakkad to Bangalore

Road Less Travelled: Driving from Kerala to Bangalore via Sathyamangalam and Mysore.

Over the weekend, I made a trip from Bangalore to Palakkad (Kerala). Took the usual route of Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Thoppur - Mettur - Bhavani - Perundurai - Coimbatore - Palakkad. Returning back on a working day on this route would’ve meant that I would hit the rush hour traffic from Hosur in the evening. Moreover, this route is very crowded with slow moving trucks and insane bus drivers (specifically between Bhavani and Coimbatore). Also, there aren’t any good restaurants where you can relax.

While coming back, I decided to take a route less travelled. Took the Palakkad - Coimbatore - Sathyamangalam (Sathy) - Chamarajnagar - Mysore - Bangalore. It was a gamble, but I really liked the drive. The road is definitely not straight like the usual one, has no cell phone coverage in some sections and has bad stretches too. But I found it far less stressful because of the lack of traffic. Also, Mysore is a good place for a break. Given below is the driving log. Note that the kilometers given are approximate. I stopped taking notes from Chamarajnagar - so kilometers from there are from my memory.

Surprisingly, the distance covered is about 30km less than the normal route.

Driven on my 2004 model Silver Fiat Palio 1.9D that has now clocked 40000km.