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Ironic, is it not?

Vendor gets contract. Vendor sends mail that re-inforces doubts about their products.

2:00PM: I read this story Slashdot: Microsoft Wins Homeland Security Contract. Associated discussion is usual Slashdot diet these days.

6:15PM: I come home and check my mail. Three new messages from Microsoft between 5PM and now.

  1. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026: Buffer Overrun In RPC Interface Could Allow Code Execution
  2. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-027: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Shell Could Enable System Compromise
  3. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-028: Flaw in ISA Server Error Pages Could Allow Cross-Site Scripting Attack

I love Open Source. But I don't hate all things Microsoft. For example, I do believe Excel and Project are two excellent products.

But seriously, Homeland Security is going to be served by Microsoft server software? Time to pack my bags and go back to India. Naturally, when I read the story on Slashdot, I thought of such obligatory jokes.

The sudden impact of getting 3 bulletins in an hour makes me think that those were not entirely jokes :-)