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Kerala moves on in conservation

Kerala finalises action plan to protect biodiversity. I like it. Prompted some thoughts about Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary.

KeralaNext - Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala government has finalised an action plan to scientifically protect biodiversity, State Forest Minister G Sudhakaran said here on Friday. As part of the biodiversity strategy it was proposed to start Agasthyavanam biological park at Kotoor in the district, a teak-wood museum in Thrissur, and a wild life research and training centre at Munnar, he told a meet-the-minister programme organised here in connection with UDF government’s second anniversary.

Good. Precious little greenery remains in Kerala. I’m hopeful that these steps will improve conservation awareness among Keralites. Awareness has already improved steadily over the last decade - the traditional out-of-my-backyard-out-of-my-mind Malayali attitude has not translated this awareness into action. May be this action plan will also be forgotten like many other government plans - but, I’m eternally hopeful :-) Though, common sense tells me never to believe what politicians say during anniversaries.

At least, I hope, this will leave Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary untouched. I’ve been there when I was in school. It is an amazing place with dense forest, 2-3 hills and a river in between. Since there is very little human activity, it is the best place to see wild animals. The last bus out of the sanctuary leaves at around 6:30pm. If you stay overnight, you can see groups of bisons, deer and elephants coming down the hills to the river to drink water. If you are lucky, you might spot a tiger or two. If you plan ahead, you can stay at the treehouse right above the river - overnight stay here is not for the faint of heart though.

Note to self: Visit Parambikulam once more - it is just 90km from home.

  1. >If you plan ahead, you can stay at the treehouse right above the river - overnight stay here is not for the faint of heart though.

    Care to elaborate?

    Posted by: Srijith on June 9, 2003 04:38 AM
  2. Srijith: Sure. It is a two bedroom house with a verandah around, if I remember correctly. You get to it from the road through a small bridge. Right below the house is the river. Once it gets dark, lot of animals cross the road, go down to the river to drink water. Predators know that too. What follows is unadulterated noise of jungle, at night. I believe this goes on till early in the morning. This noise might not be comforting for city dwellers or people with anxiety issues :-)

    Posted by: Babu on June 9, 2003 05:59 AM