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A hospital for 4000 lives

A US federal judge decrees that building a hospital is compensation enough for killing 4000 people.

A gas leak in 1984 from a Union Carbide plant in India killed around 4000 people. A federal district judge in New York, dismissed the suit for compensations saying: "This contribution (a hospital UC built) goes far to satisfy any further obligation the defendants have for the citizens of Bhopal".

Makes me wonder if US judiciary is also as driven by corporations as is its executive branch. A hospital for 4000 (some say the count is 2000+) lives? As people have asked, will Osama Bin Laden be exonerated if he puts in money to build a hospital in New York?

Suits on this in Indian courts are still pending - which is another gripe I have. Justice takes a long tike to arrive in India. This makes judiciary practically useless.