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KDE Tips & Tricks in Mandrake 9.0

If you must use KDE, this will help you.

Two part article about the subject. Pretty good - some of the things author mentioned is not very obvious.

I use FluxBox, a very light-weight and fast window manager. No point in loaning all your resources to run pretty stuff like KDE or GNOME.

fluxbox screenshot
Screenshot - VIM, Mozilla XFT, Pan, Xine etc.

Keyboard short-cuts can be saved in ~/.fluxbox/keys. 90% of the time, I use 5-6 applications in Linux. Makes it very easy to have short-cut keys to run these.

  1. hi,
    can u plz tell me,how to add my own key shortcut on KDE running on redhat7.2.there is a option of key bindings in KDE control center,but how to add my own action command to keys like F1,F2...
    actually i want to invoke my one java application on a keystroke irrespective of my console is open or closed.
    Plz reply me sooon.

    Posted by: kusum on January 13, 2004 03:44 AM