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Fear of engineers and NRIs

One of my favorite columnists writes about India. With lot of honesty.

Rajeev Srinivasan - an Engineer, MBA and a non-resident Indian - has written a great two part article about the fear Indians have about people with these qualifications.

  1. Fear of Engineering: there is a generic implication that technocrats in India are usually right-wing Hindus.
  2. Fear of NRIs: another perception is that NRIs have no feeling on how to tackle the real problems in India.

It is a very neatly written article. I agree almost totally with everything Rajeev has opined. India has suffered way too much on the hands of impractical economic policies of Nehruvians and Stalinists. It is still not late to start looking into the numbers and hard facts, than following an utopian dream blindly.