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Python for Bioinformatics

I hate one, I love the other. “Bioinformatics, the use of computers in biological research, is the newest wrinkle on one of the oldest pursuits--trying to uncover the secret of life. While we may not know all of life’s secrets, at the very least computers are helping us understand many of the biological processes that take place inside of living things. In fact, the use of computers in biological research has risen to such a degree that computer programming has now become an important and almost essential skill for today’s biologists. The purpose of this article is to introduce Python as a useful and viable development language for the computer programming needs of the bioinformatics community.”

Biology and COBOL are two subjects I can’t stand. This installment of the article shows how well Python can be used here. I believe most of the arguments still apply when applied to other sciences.

  1. Hi,
    actually, i am not sure what this messgae board is but i am actually looking for all the help i can get for using python in bioinformatics. I am learning python, and any help would be welcom

    Posted by: Sameet on May 27, 2004 12:55 PM