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ZPUGDC - YAML and Python 2.3

User group meeting notes, YAML and an XSL for LEO outlines.

Had the pleasure of attending a 2 hour Zope-Python User Group, DC area meeting today. Attendance was sparse, 13 people in all. Steve Howell gave a short talk about YAML - a great way to present data without having to type in #$$@% tags. I love it. Guido van Rossum gave a pretty long presentation about what’s new in Python 2.3.

I’m now trying to use Steve’s PyYAML at the moment. I think it is a fairly easy task to write a script that parses YAML documents and then using HTMLGen package, we can easily output series documents. Must be a much better option than using PowerPoint to make presentations. Here’s precisely what I was looking for - YamlSlideShowIdea.

Some weeks ago, I had written an XSL stylesheet that converts LEO outlines to HTML. That could be an option for presentations without using Power Point.

I don’t have much to write about Guido’s presentation because it is simply too long. I suppose it might be available over the web.