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I should have more than just links here soon! Check out David Sklar's PX, PHP Code Exchange at px.sklar.comexternal link . Some programs I've written in PHP are available there.

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This seems to be very popular. I've used this script in my site.


You can download orahoo-0_5.tar.gz. OraHoo is a PHP script which will display the result of queries you see in the Oracle DBA scripts section. You can click your way through a portal like interface to learn more about your Oracle database.

OraHoo! is a tool which helps a DBA get lot of information about the database. Basically it is a port of an excellent tool called OraSnapexternal link , by Stewart McGlaughlin. To install, you need PHP3 compiled with Oracle support (ora_* functions). You need to unzip it with path information intact. This will create a subdirectory called hoo-version. Read the INSTALL file, change where needed (your TNSNAMES entries), and point your web browser to index.php3 in this directory.

Like I said, the code is actually a collection of SQL scripts and notes. So, if you've any other scripts which you can share, please send it to me. You can easily add your own SQL scripts to it as well.

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