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6. Resources

You can learn more about from PHP from lot of resources on the web. There are mailing lists available for support. Some books are also available.

6.1 Websites

The exploding popularity of PHP has resulted in lot of www sites. Many of them have on-line tutorials, sample code, tips and tricks etc.

6.2 Mailing Lists

You can register to these lists from the Support section of the PHP site. Please note that these are high volume lists, typically having 100 mails per day.

6.3 Books

So far, I know of two books, both of which are available from Amazon.com. I have not read any of these books, and I think the on-line manual is more than sufficient. Still, if you like reading books :

6.4 Interesting Projects

Several full-fledged projects are already available in PHP. Some of the more interesting ones are :

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