July 31, 2003
Who is fooling whom?

“Why do you want to go back to India” is a question that frequently pops up in our conversations with friends. It’s almost unthinkable to many. Apart from the vague looks and smirks, we have people (fellow Indians) actually feeling sorry for us. No one wants to believe that we want to go back just because we want to live in India. Some people think we’re crazy to give up opportunity like this. Then there are some who think we're just pulling a fast one right now and and like most other Indians, will eventually stay back. While this is what is happening here, back home, its not very different either. Folks can't imagine how we would manage to live in India especially after six years (four - for me) of life in wonderland.

It's ironic how most Indians living in the United States desperately strive to create a mini India inside their homes, while outside their homes they’re busy trying to live up to the Jones’. In India there are people who are struggling to create an American atmosphere (the language, the fastfood etc.) at home, if not, struggling even more to come to the United States. It's very difficult balancing the part of their identity they give up to be American-ised and the part of identity they preserve to remain Indian. After almost four years, I still fail to comprehend who is fooling whom?

Note: I dont have anything against America, nor do I hate it. I just happen to love India more.

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I agree with you. I have been living US too since last couple of years. When I said this to fellow swadeshi's [I dont call desis - didn't like the word] before a month of arrival, they called me fool.. and said I'll increase burden on bharath-matha and that she can stay without us. [but slowly I am seeing change in their attitudes post Iraq war]. Never mind, I congratulate both of you for your bold decision. Go ahead.. and make India proud.. We'll join you soon.

Posted by: suvardhan on August 1, 2003 10:59 AM
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