September 17, 2002
Curse Update!!

Speaking of curses and insults, watch out! Here comes Captain Haddock... Captain Haddock

  • Billions of blue blistering barnacles!
  • Thundering Typhoons!
  • Gibbering Ghosts!
  • Vermicelli!
  • Troglodytes!
  • Sycophant!
  • Phylloxera!
  • Jelly-fish
  • Fancy dress Fatima!
  • Bath-tub admiral!
  • Toffee-noses!
  • Interplanetary goat!

This is only a small part of Captain Haddock's choicest vocabulary. I happen to remember only these right now! Captain Haddock of Tintin fame is an ex-officer of the merchant navy who ends up relishing life in his castle. He would often complain about his friend Tintinís taste for adventure yet he would follow him everywhere, generally against his own will. Being the sentimental man that he is, Captain Haddock is renowned for his comical expletives. "Dunderheaded coconuts!" - There's another good one! The humour of these Haddock insults is just how plain silly they are. For those of you who are hooked, theres lots more. After all, I am not the only one fascinated with bad language. And if you like, you could hear it from the horse's mouth.

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