September 16, 2002
Say it the Shakespeare-an way

"Away, you cutpurse rascal, you filthy bung, away!"
That was Shakespeare's way of saying "Beat It!" in Henry IV Part II.

William Shakespeare not only knew how to enthrall audiences with his sparkling poetry, he really knew how to insult someone. I came across this great selection of Shakespeare's Insults in today's Washington Post's Kid's Post Section.

Next time you want to insult someone do it the Shakespeare way...
If you want to say: "Be quiet, fatty!" :"Peace, ye fat guts! " (Henry IV Part I)
If you want to say: "You stink!": "You are a fishmonger!" (Hamlet)
If you want to say: "Get out of the way, people":" Sweep on you fat greasy citizens" (As You Like It)

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