Though I prefer VIM, I've been using Visual Studio Code also a lot for a year. It is quite fast, has a great python code/debug environment and has beautiful font rendering on linux. I also use git a lot and often look for different UIs to deal with it rather than remember all the commands. gitk, gitg, tig, git-cola etc are some of the things I've used before. However, VSCode supports a very useful environment right out of the box. Add a small extension git-graph, and I am all set.

Following is a quick screenshot tour that explains various features.


  1. This is what you get on a vanilla install. Works right-away after you open a folder that is cloned from a repo.
  2. The "..." menu is pretty comprehensive.


  1. Install Git Graph extension and you get the icon for that. It is also there in the bottom status bar.


Click on that and you get a pretty beautiful graphical representation of the log.


  1. Right click on any row gives you a whole range of options.
  • If you simply click, that commit expands to give more info and you can also do diffs there. Very useful for code review.
  • If you click on the "gear" icon, you get a bunch of settings for this repository, including setting your name and email.


Coming back to the main view, see how easy it is to switch branch.

  1. Current branch is shown. Click on that to...
  2. Switch or create a branch.

I actually used to keep a cheatsheet of git commands for branching and merging because I keep forgetting those. No more!

There are very powerful extensions like git lens and git history. I used to use those, but decided that I don't need all those bells and whistles 90% of the time.