September 23, 2003
On happiness

How can one define happiness? Is it satisfaction/ contentment or is it simply a state of well- being?

When I was in school, getting a day off in-between or scoring top marks would mean happiness. Later on, being with friends or going home on weekends meant happiness. At times, just sitting alone on the doorstep with my dog was happiness. Over time it kept changing. In today’s world, where one wants so many things and sometimes settles for so much less (sometimes nothing at all) - Happiness has become such a relative term, it almost loses definition.

Speaking of happiness, all I can think of right now is Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake. (I shamelessly admit being a glutton when it comes to that). Can't believe I've spent a good part of the afternoon daydreaming about almost warm chocolate cake with fudge trickling down, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream under a chocolate shell. Now that's happiness!

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