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Fantastic Mozilla plug-in provides quick access to various validation services.

The Checky plug-in is an simple Interface for web content and resource developers to free and commercial online Validator and Checker services.

Simply superb. This is **way better** than bookmarking various web tools :-) See for yourself in the screenshots.

Checky adds a submenu to Mozilla’s context menu that allows you to run whatever page you’re on through one of (currently) 18 different online validaton and analysis services. Checky-Agent can be activated from the Checky menu or by simply pressing the F10 key. So, for example, you could run your page against the W3C’s markup and CSS validators, the Web Design Group’s HTML Validator, and Watchfire’s Bobby with a single keystroke and diesplay the results in a new browser window or tab.

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    Posted by: Reeny Bird on October 16, 2004 08:29 PM